Feb 19, 2010


I made that up!! Then I created a blog with the same name.

Do I need another blog? No I don't, but I'm compelled to reserve the space here at Spit and Glue only for topics concerning this property and the challenges Sis and I face living here.

What does "Always Curtsy When You Sneeze" mean? If you don't know, you may not want to bother visiting http://www.alwayscurtsywhenyousneeze.com/, particularly if you don't like reading content indulgent in profanity or similar taboo behavior. It's not for everyone.

For those of you whose sense of decorum is pretty much non-existent, you're invited to visit ALWAYS CURTSY WHEN YOU SNEEZE! If I insult you, don't hold it against me, unless of course you think I might like having it held against me. In that case, ga'hed, hold it right here, up against me. You've been warned.

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