Feb 22, 2010


I have a few photos of the dog food we make every week for Dusty and Roman. I took them using the same camera I use every other day, downloaded them using the same method I use ever other day, to the same file I store them in every other day. For some reason today this computer has decided it is unable to read these photos, so without the benefit of a visual, I'll just tell you about the dog food. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
According to several articles I've read on the topic of dog food, it is best to feed your dog kibble. Best for their development, weight control, overall health and it makes for great lookin poop.

So called experts in dog food say that the first ingredient listed on the package of kibble should be a protien, like chicken or beef. The remaining ingredients are usually fillers or carbs.

Since my dogs are great con artists who have me wrapped around that little extra toe dogs have on their front legs, I not only give them kibble, I mix their kibble with other wet, more exciting and tasty stuff. I used to use canned dog food, but now use the following recipe, and they love, love, love it.
1 package turkey legs/drumsticks
1 cup white rice
1.5 cups water
1 package frozen green beans, cooked
1 sweet potato, baked
1 squirt of PAM spray
Use your crock pot and PAM the bottom before beginning. Pour in rice and water, place turkey legs on top of the rice/water mixture and cook on low for long, long time, until turkey legs are brown and the rice is looking a little brown too. Minimum 9 hours on low. Let it cool (I usually put the whole crock pot bowl in the fridge over night, then the next day:

Place the rice in a large tupperware bowl and remove all the meat from the turkey leg bones being careful to remove all the slivered bones (dogs can choke on small slivery bones, so be careful to get them all. Mix the rice and turkey meat together. Cook the string beans in the microwave according to package directions. When finished, put the whole package into the bowl with the turkey meat and rice. Remove the skin from the baked sweet potato and slice in into the bowl and mix it all up. Mix half to 3/4 cup of this mixture with kibble and serve. Woof!


  1. YUM! It sounds good enough for me to eat! Being a bit of a dog fan myself, I have done the research as well...this recipe is right on!

  2. I may have to make this for my dog. He just had surgery and isn't too excited about eating his food. He loves "human" food and since he needs to eat something, that's what I've been giving him. Thanks for sharing :)


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