Feb 8, 2011


An article I read a few years ago that said if you want to filter through your minds minutia and get to the core of your hearts true desires, stop examining your every thought or action, and "turn off" for a while.

It suggested that one method for doing so is to find a quiet, comfortable place, put your feet up and relax with a magazine, slowly perusing the pictures on each page, letting what you see kind of wash over you. When something on the page speaks to you or causes you to experience a positive emotion, cut the photo out and paste it onto a large board.

The end result would show where your deepest passions lie, and serve as a guide for moving forward with life. My end result was a poster board full of photos of expensive "stuff" I'd like to buy but can't afford. Perhaps I chose the wrong magazine, not sure.

When my Sister came to visit over Christmas, she brought me several magazines, so before drifting off to sleep the other night I half heartedly tried the exercise again. The next morning I leafed through the small pile of clipped photos on my night stand, but nothing made sense to me so I tossed them with the morning trash.

Then a few days later, while taking a walk, I spotted a little white and brown dog scurrying across the busy road outside the park. It struck me that the dog looked familiar. Several days later it occurred to me that one of the magazine photos I had clipped and tossed was of a dog that looked so remarkably similar to him/her that I commented to a friend about it being eerie.

Fast-forward to last Sunday when I saw the dog again on my walk. Only this time she was in the park. I stopped and held out my hand. She came over to me and I could see she'd been starved to the point of her rib cage protruding. Deciding to scoop her up and take her home if I saw her once more before leaving the park, I continued my walk.

With no sign of her upon finishing my last lap, I got into my car and headed home. But seconds later there she was, crossing the road once more right in front of me. Shortly after that she was in my passenger seat on her way to the good life. Or so I thought.

We fell in love with her, we comforted her and fed her, we named her and rigged a leash and collar for her. Within hours she'd come to know her way around Spit and Glue and was running and playing and having the time of her little life. It was sweet.

Next morning Sis went to work and posted photos of her around the office and sent emails to anyone she knew who might be willing to adopt a puppy. Meanwhile I took her to the Vet, had her scanned for a chip and examined by the Doc.

Just about that time two people came to Sis' office willing and ready to adopt. Before Sis could call or text to let me know, the results of the Parvovirus test came back showing positive. She was one very sick puppy. The Vet recommended highly that she be put down as the 12 minute Parvo test was already showing positive within the first 3 minutes.

Needless to say, we're both heartbroken, but take small comfort in knowing we tried to save her. Take a look at that face and tell me you wouldn't have been compelled to do the same.

This is the reason we should ALWAYS spay/neuter pets, even if we don't plan to keep them. There are far too many similarly sad puppy and kitten stories to be told. We have to do what we can to control the population of unwanted pets out there. DO IT!

Feb 2, 2011


With the new year upon us, the subject of putting SpitnGlue back on the market arises again. Once weather conditions are a little more friendly, that's the plan. The house will be listed and with any luck, someone will come along with a decent offer to purchase. In case it's been a while since you've visited this blog, here are a few facts about the property that you may have missed. SpitnGlue was hand-built in the 1800's. We guesstimate that the main house is about 125 years old. It sits on two acres in rural Georgia, but it's only about a 30 minute drive to downtown Atlanta. About 20 minutes to Hartsfield Jackson airport.

Some design challenges come with the house, like the tiny but functional kitchen, the jack and jill bathroom, the original front door that now opens into the second bedroom, the teensy side room with absolutely no function, the other teensy side room that now serves as a laundry room and kitchen storage area. I'm just getting started. Yes, whom ever buys this place will not fall in love with it's floor plan or fancy kitchen. The way we see it, that person/people must be willing to overlook these design challenges and see the bigger picture.

Two private acres, gigantic pecan, oak, apple and pear trees, screened porch, patio deck, humongous finished workshop, three car garage, detached 2 bedroom cottage (income property) and among other things, it's great location.

SpitnGlue would be the perfect starter home for a young family or a first time buyer. The detached 2 bedroom cottage rents for as much as $600.00 per month, which in some cases could cover the mortgage.

On the other hand, the property would be great to build on. Tear down what's here now start from scracth. One could live in the cottage whilst building their dream house. What do you think?