Feb 2, 2011


With the new year upon us, the subject of putting SpitnGlue back on the market arises again. Once weather conditions are a little more friendly, that's the plan. The house will be listed and with any luck, someone will come along with a decent offer to purchase. In case it's been a while since you've visited this blog, here are a few facts about the property that you may have missed. SpitnGlue was hand-built in the 1800's. We guesstimate that the main house is about 125 years old. It sits on two acres in rural Georgia, but it's only about a 30 minute drive to downtown Atlanta. About 20 minutes to Hartsfield Jackson airport.

Some design challenges come with the house, like the tiny but functional kitchen, the jack and jill bathroom, the original front door that now opens into the second bedroom, the teensy side room with absolutely no function, the other teensy side room that now serves as a laundry room and kitchen storage area. I'm just getting started. Yes, whom ever buys this place will not fall in love with it's floor plan or fancy kitchen. The way we see it, that person/people must be willing to overlook these design challenges and see the bigger picture.

Two private acres, gigantic pecan, oak, apple and pear trees, screened porch, patio deck, humongous finished workshop, three car garage, detached 2 bedroom cottage (income property) and among other things, it's great location.

SpitnGlue would be the perfect starter home for a young family or a first time buyer. The detached 2 bedroom cottage rents for as much as $600.00 per month, which in some cases could cover the mortgage.

On the other hand, the property would be great to build on. Tear down what's here now start from scracth. One could live in the cottage whilst building their dream house. What do you think?


  1. It looks like the house I grew up in:) I love it! I hope you make the right decision when the time comes! Hopefully the market will be ready when you are:) Hugs!

  2. You blog from a lovely place :)

    Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral



  3. what a wonderful home. I hope a young family buys it and takes care of it. The trees on the property, wow.
    This will hopefully be someones dream home.

  4. Looks fantastic!! Love houses like these..

  5. I'll let you know when i will find someone. Well nice features.


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