Sep 14, 2010


This years chile run to New Mexico yielded what I would term a "boat-load" of freshly roasted, flash-frozen, good-sized chiles. Sis had to buy an extra suitcase for the flight home to accommodate the precious cargo, and she smelled a little earthy when she came thru the door from the airport. But on the heels of another great visit with G&M, the chile was just icing on the cake.

Chile can be found almost every where, but nowhere else on the planet except in the high deserts of New Mexico can you find these particular chiles. .. We use them in everything. Cornbread, soups, beans, eggs, potatoes... and any where a special bite of fresh will pay compliment to a dish.

Most especially, of course is to eat the chile as close to it's natural state as you can get it. Hence the Rellanos pictured here. Each chile is stuffed with cheese, then bathed in egg, rolled in breadcrumbs/meal (for these we used plain soda crackers, ground) then fried to perfection on the stove top. Yikes. Sis planned her trip right at harvest time. This meant she had the distinct pleasure of actually watching her selection of hot, medium hot, and mild chiles be fire roasted, right in the chile vendors parking lot. Once the chiles have cooled from the roasting process, they're counted out and frozen for use through out the year. AWESOME!These were packaged groups without regard to their level of HOT. Therefore, it was any bodies guess as to which of them would smoke your scalp. Nothing like living on the edge!

Unless you're a professional, and these chiles are in your blood line, this daring method of packaging your chile is not recommended.


  1. YUMMMMMMM! Looks delicious! ENJOY!

  2. You are bold to eat these. I can feel my eyes running already! Enjoy!

  3. Dear Keri
    Thats a wonderful piece of writing " Chile run" reminds me of " Mango runs" we used to make to the villages, long long ego.
    I never tried chile this way...I am going to make it.I normally use extremely hot chili which are small and thin ones..these are unsuitable for this dish as one cant take more than one bite ( I can).. We get fresh big chili which are low HOT and suitable for stuffing and bater coating and frying ...I will now go to the market and get some.
    I feel good that you liked all my blogs , Thank you.
    Have a nice day

  4. Dear Keri,
    Thank you very much for stopping my my blog. I am glad you liked it.

    Now coming to your questions :)

    1 Hilsa is a salt water fish found in the eastern coast of India. They move to rivers during rainy season for breeding. That's when they are found in abundance and make their way to our tables.
    It is an oily fish like Salmon. I guess you can replace salmon with hilsa but I have not tried it anytime. But suggest you to keep the fillets of salmon small.

    2 Mustard oil is like any other oil (Canola, Olive etc). They can be easily found in any Indian Grocery stores.

    I hope I could clarify your doubts :)

    Happy Blogging,

  5. ooo, that looks scrumptious!!!! and, I LOVE you house. :)

  6. Oh how I wish I'd been there to partake in the glory that is the relleno! WHEN YOU COME DOWN YOU BRING SOME AND MAKE SOME AND EAT SOME! THAT'S AN ORDER!

  7. Thanks everyone. I wish I had another couple of batches. I'd have them for breakfast, lunch and dinner! They are fabulous!

  8. I love the mild ones--but I would hate to run into one of those hot ones. My daughter-in-law is Latina, and has made us some fabulous food with chiles--best of all, I do not have to cook.

    Great photos, btw.

  9. So glad you found my blog!

    Now i've joined yours :)

    I love your whole sensibility you got going over here and look forward to Fall in Ohio through your eyes.

    Warm Aloha from Honolulu

    Comfort Spiral

  10. Looks yummy!

  11. Just wanted to thank you for visiting my blog and your gracious comment.

  12. Those look so good! Alas,I'm the only one in my house who likes them, so I don't get to eat them very often.

  13. dont forget to invite me to the next relleno fest...


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