Sep 6, 2010

Took these on a short walk this morning. Mushrooms Flower Half dog, half flower! Couldn't get this shot again if life depended on it. An abandoned, rusted out trailer hitch. Probably from Gone With The Wind!
This weedy flower is almost neon, very strange and beautiful, no?


  1. Beautiful pictures, love the half dog/half flower:) Too cute!

  2. Such beautiful photos. I love sumer walks!

  3. Great pics and that last one is pretty unique!

  4. Dear Keri
    I feel great reading your appreciation at my least visited blog!
    Actually I am following your blog. You have an wonderful space, the photographs and the captions are very nice. I will see all of them slowly.
    Have a nice week ahead

  5. Dear Keri,
    I tripped over your blog while blog hopping. I am so glad I did. You have a lovely blog which is so very versatile. Your write ups are very captivating.
    Happy to follow you.



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