Aug 11, 2009

Cap'n Keith at the Helm!

Last week I paid a visit to the crew in Ft. Lauderdale. How lucky to have seen them twice in a matter of a few weeks and to have been invited on a cruise around the inter-coastal, what a treat.
I hadn't been near the ocean in such a long time and it had been even longer since I'd been on it.

As I stepped on board the "Dream Baby" I was overwhelmed by a giant emotional rush. The air smelled fantastically familiar with diesel fuel and musky sea water, heavenly. Suddenly there was a thick lump rising in my throat, I was starting to tear up! Geeez I hate that about being this age. Everything makes me blubber like some old boozy Shelly Winters character. I've got to practice laughing instead of crying when things touch me in that way. Hard to do when your verklept!
In the capable hands of our captain (Mr. R) Nik and I sat back and let the boat take us gently down the breezy waterway. We took in the scenery and made a little toast with our wine glasses, we chatted and joked and waved lazily at other boaters floating by who gestured back with equal enthusiasm. We docked in front of a busy waterfront restaurant and went ashore for take-out and a Margarita. As we pushed away with our snacks in tow, I remember thinking, "it was a lot easier coming aboard the first time, could I be getting drunk?" I looked at Nik to she what shape she was in, yeah we we're feeling our oats alright. Ten minutes later the sun was disappearing behind the overcast. Ten minutes after that it was night-time. Captain turned on the music and managed the boats drift over black, glass-like water that played mirror to twinkling harbor lights.
Heading back over the open channel Mr. R opened the throttle and sped across the dark water into the night. Just then on the horizon a lightening storm behind thick cloud-cover added special effect to the moment, like something out of a movie. Like clock-work the lump began it's clime up my throat once again. I forced a swallow to keep the tears from welling and per my earlier promise, I remembered to laugh.

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