Aug 11, 2009

Walk This Way!

Hi All,
Yeah, I'm back and ready to dip my toe back into the water at Spit and Glue. While I was away and surfing the Internet I came across an interesting blog belonging to a professional landscaper named Steve. As I scrolled through a set of photos he'd taken of a recently completed job, a very strange sensation came over me. All at once, and in a matter of a micro-second I thought I was looking at Moms cottage, where I live! The property in Steve's photos was almost identical to Sis'. As was the job that needed doing! Dig a small drain at the driveway's end to divert the run-off that floods the garage floor, and create a pathway the length of the building to avoid having to walk in the grass (see 6/9 blog posting entitled "Majors and Minors"). Look at this picture. It's the property Steve worked on.
This is Sis' property. The staircase leads to the cottage. We use the path next to the building to get to and from, but it's all grass and dirt. I make the trip several times a day - every day and my feet have begun to look like that of a farmhands. Is that a pun? Here's the end of our driveway where the water collects and where the drain is needed. Here's the work Steve did in North Carolina! It's uncanny!
I contacted Steve at and he was kind enough to answer with a very generous offer to bid the job. However, as we know, unless Steve knows how to do Spit and Glue, we'll have to leave it on the long list, right there next to the back-burner!

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