Jul 30, 2009

If Looks Could Kill....

How do they learn expressions like this? It's priceless, totally not contrived or with affect. Right from the core of their little mini-beings, kids are amazing photographic subjects. But you have to wonder, who is she watching to get that look down sooo well? Hmmm? Or this little moment of 2 year-old reflection. Where oh where does this come from? Is it organic? Would she know to do this even if she never saw another in her species do it? Is it instinctual? Hereditary? Or is it environmental, and if so, it begs the question once again, whooo is she emulating?
If this were a close-up, it would be amazing. The look on his face appears to be that of pure bliss. To be riding and steering a "cool-car"? To drive it the whole length of the long, green acre? And Back? With Daddy? Ohhhh Man! This is living, people!
Pin-Up Girl Goes Country!
I love photos that capture life and people in the act of being themselves! Candid shots that resonate on some level, like a look or glance between two people who know each other very well. Every picture tells a story of a thousand words, don't it? My "good" glasses, tweaked to an unrecognisable mass of twisted metal, they barely stayed on my nose to begin with. Now, I have to kind of prop them up against my left ear, at an angle so the other side comes to rest around mid- temple. But isn't she irresistible while she's doing it? The Bug, practicing Shakespeare in the Park no doubt, Here again, is this level of dramatic technique a function of genetics? How many Shakespeare plays could she have seen at 2 years old? And Monkey boy finds another creature in the lawn as he masters the art of squashing. You don't want to be up near that face. Really, you don't
Absolute angst in this corregated brow speaks to the torture that is being two. It's not easy being green. Or over ripe for that matter. Not for sissies, that's for sure!


  1. Ok, I'll take the blame....they're watching me! Oops...better keep it all smiles and winks!

  2. That could become difficult HTB. I think you're doing just fine.

  3. These are so great...especially the first photo! I could look at that picture a million times and it still makes me laugh! Thank you!

  4. OK, I have to admit I came back here AGAIN to look at this picture (#1) and this time I shared it with my husband who just walked in the room. I laughed so hard this time, I both cried and peed my pants! You are the best!


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