Jul 28, 2009

Historical Spit and Glue!

Is this classic or what? Back in 82 this was to be the cover for Sis' album of Spit and Glue photos taken when they first purchased the property! Look closely and see her writing at the top: '1982 We Moved to rural Georgia'.

She dug the old album out of a dark closet last night only to have the thing disintegrate in her hands upon opening. Much of it had to be trashed, but not all of it, so I hope to share similar historical Spit and Glue material with you as it falls into my hands over time.

What makes me laugh about this cartoon is the amount of money this guy speculates it will take to fix the place. Try adding a 1 in front of that number and we can talk... And what makes me sad about it is in my mind, 1982 was only a few years ago, wasn't it? Yikes, how did I manage to live more than two decades in a nano-second? Like we always say, folks, it ain't for sissies!

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