Jun 13, 2009

Why Do I Love This?

Here's the truth. This faucet fixture is not far from the entry to the main house, and I never really noticed it until Sis told me it hasn't been in use for 25 years. She went on to say that if we remove it, we'll have to paint the lattice, and if we paint that stretch of lattice, we'd have to paint the whole dog-gone thing.
N e v e r M i n d!!

Right after that, every time I approached the entry, I noticed the fixture. All of a sudden, I thought of it as an eyesore. I even took this photo of it to add to my collection of projects that need Spit and Glue. But wait.... something happened after taking notice of it and coming accross the photo a few times, I started to like it. A lot. There's something familiar and comfortable about it. Maybe I grew up seeing this type of fixture. Or maybe because I'm a plumbers daughter at heart, or maybe both!

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