Jun 14, 2009

Touch That Shop-Vac, Lose Your Hand!

Sis and I were born City Slickers. We grew up in So. California, always a stones-throw from the beach so who'd have guessed we'd end up here? And who'd have guessed I've been jonesin for a Shop-Vac since the 70's? Back then owning one was strictly a male thing, and if you didn't have an actual shop, it seemed dumb. So I've blocked this secret desire to own one for many, many years.

My first week here I walked into the Doug's Shop and saw this gorgeous thing sitting there. I took it apart and cleaned it until it looked spanking new, put a new super-filter in it and confiscated it. It's perfect in Moms Cottage for picking up the stuff that seems to get dragged in from outside. Sis has suggested using it for more rugged projects but I can't bring myself to let her. Sorry, it's mine now, and I can't stand the thought of it being used for more disgusting tasks.

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