Jun 22, 2009

Spit and Glue and Wet, White Paint!

Could we have picked a better day to paint the front porch of Moms cottage? In a word, HELL YES. After all, Sis is still out of commission, there's only one of me, temps are in the 90's and so is the humidity! But we decided to go ahead in spite of it. Injured Sis would sit and supervise, and I would paint until the heat drove us indoors.
We started around 10:00 AM. It was slow going and sweltering as the sun moved too quickly in our direction. It wasn't long before I was standing directly in it, my face was wetter than the paint, and redder than red! I was ready to call it quits, but behold, along came our friend Edward who showed up to have a look at the flat on the lawn mower. Instead he picked up a paint brush and the two of us had it done within a couple of hours. The photos don't do it justice and we still have to paint the floor, but we're getting there. Only 4 decks left to be painted.

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