Jun 8, 2009

Here's One For the Books!

These photos are of the original front door to the main house. At least this was the front door back in the 1800's when the house was built. Back then, you walked in that front door, into a small entryway. To your right you'd find the living room and kitchen, to your left the bedroom. You would find no bathroom at all. Today when you walk in that door, you're standing in the second bedroom/office.

Closets, a bathroom, laundry room, and screened porch have been added since the 1800s, but as you can see, the layout is a little quirky at best. Over a glass of wine we've tossed around ideas to remedy this feature. To date, we have more wine than good ideas!
Take note the mighty oak that sits directly in front of the old front door. We guess it's as old or older than the structure, and beautiful.

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