Jun 9, 2009

Majors and Minors

I know my focus has been on the rough exterior, problem areas, and things that need fixing.

At some point very soon you'll check in and find posts that describe the nicer side of life here. But for now, I'm compelled to keep with the major and minor challenges we face every day.

Like the driveway/garage area. Big beautiful 3 car garage, complete with 2 windows and a doorway leading into the gigantic shop that would be a dream for any guy who likes to putter, fix, build stuff, etc. (I'll tell you about the shop in a future post).

Only problem with the driveway/garage is that when it rains, it floods a little. A simple matter that (we think) could be fixed with a proper drain. However, we don't know how to do that, so for now, we shovel the mud that collects where it should drain, and sweep out the water when it gets too deep and messy! As the photos show, it's not as pitiful as it sounds. We consider it a simi-major challenge and only have to deal with it when it rains, so for now, it's on the long to-do-list.

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