Jun 8, 2009

The Pipes, The Pipes are Callin!

LOL.... Can't help humming to myself ... 'oh Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are callin, from glen to glen'......... etc...

Take a look at these babies. These are two different gas pipes that come up from the floor on the fireplaces in the main house. You're not likely to see them if you come in for coffee, we keep them well camouflaged, but they are there, and we scratch our heads in wonderment as to whose logic was used when they stuck-um there years ago.

No offense gentleman readers, but we're pretty sure it was a man who thunk this one up!

P.S. We don't use them, and wish we knew a way to remove them without ripping out the floor! Ohhh the floor! I'll talk about the floor in an upcoming post. Let's just say Spit and Glue ain't gonna fix this one!

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