Oct 7, 2009

Vietnam Bombshell!

One Saturday a few months ago two Caucasian ladies on a shopping expedition stopped into a Vietnamese restaurant for a quick lunch. One of them was familiar with this particular ethnic fair, the other had never had the pleasure. The lady who'd previously delighted in Vietnamese cuisine ordered Pho, (pronounced "fa") a veggie, noodle soup with all the qualities necessary for a flavor-filled gala experience to take place directly on her palate. She shared the dish with her companion who with all two feet, joined the party and revelled in her first Pho encounter. They left the restaurant and b-lined to an Asian market across the street to purchase what they surmised to be ingredients apropos for replicating Pho. Weeks went by and the ingredients sat forgotten in a cupboard above the stove. When the last days of summer were behind them and the weather took a change into fall, they remembered the warm, delicious soup ingredients in the cupboard and went about the unfamiliar business of building a bowl of Pho. To the best of their respective recollections they wasted no time and got to work on the soupy replication. When finally it was soup, they sat down to try their creation.For the next 40 minutes the only sounds to be heard in the house were slurps, groans and pleasure filled sighs. The two of them could hardly believe what a fantastic job they had done in recreating an ancient Vietnamese staple, mastered and perfected over centuries, right here in their little kitchen in rural Georgia.


  1. Sounds simply divine! When I come over you make fo me?

  2. Ohhhh .... U Funny AND shady lady!

  3. I was watching The Amazing Race and they were in Vietnam and one of the teams had to make Pho for the dock master! LOL What a co~wink~y~dink~!


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