Oct 10, 2009

Latest Lust!

Just look at it..... a brand-spanking new, clean and shiny, efficient looking and powerful Cyclone Rake XL (shown here with optional mower deck adapter & dual PRO super wheels).
It's name wreaks of possibilities. Unholy suction at the end of the lawn tractor, making mince meat out of gobs and gobs of grass, sticks, leaves and weeds. Trailing behind and cleaning it up as fast as the mower can spew it out, it's fantastic.
The ultimate fantasy would be to have the Cyclone hitched behind a brand new, Canary yellow, John Deere lawn tractor! Yeah, baby... talk about hog heaven! Of course much like the snazzy compost vessel I spoke of in a previous post, this dream-boat shall stay somewhere near the top of the Spit and Glue wish list. We're still limping along with Old'Blue, mowing in short shifts until she starts to smoke and cough. Then we put her away and pray she'll dry off and be good for another few hundred yards the next day. Real spit and glue stuff.

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