Oct 1, 2009

Hello October! I love you!

October is one of my favorite months for several reasons. The new feeling of chilly mornings and cool, crisp nights with the inevitable promise of upcoming holidays from Halloween to New Years. This is the time of year I'd like to have go by more slowly and stretch out over 6 months instead of 4. I love trading in my flip-flops for a pair of warm socks, and finally adding a blanket to the equation that is my bed. I like getting up before the sun does and having my coffee in the semi-darkness, easing into daylight instead of waking with it. I keep my ears open for the sound of familiar birds back in town for the season, and watch the trees slowly shed their beautiful leaves, revealing sculptures that will replace them through winter. I'm always amazed at how promptly the seasons arrive and disappear, and especially glad to have winter on the horizon and summer behind me. Hardly anyone I know likes the prospect of shorter days and longer nights, but I do. There's something appealing about having the day come to a close sooner rather than later, and having an evening cocktail or cooking dinner when it's dark outside. There are beautiful aspects of every time of year, of course, but if I had a choice I'd spend most of my time in these.

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  1. Stopping by from SITS. Love the look of the blog - is that thistle? So pretty but a real nuisance in cow pastures!

    I love fall, too, and winter. I'm definitely built for cooler weather.


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