Sep 23, 2009

Rain Dancing

It rained all day Saturday, all day Sunday and on Monday we had almost 7 inches of rainfall. Local news predicted another 6 to 7 inches over Tuesday night, it didn't happen. Local news predicted the same for last night, no rain last night either! This is a blessing for many people, but believe it or not we're doing a little 'rain-dancing' in spite of the magical powers of genius coming out of local news rooms. We need rain to fill the buckets.... to fill the toilet tanks to get... well, to get a good flush. Yeah, still no running water, and running out to GET some water is not as easy as it sounds. Our road is still closed and it took Sis over an hour to go 5 miles yesterday on a bottled water/provisions run into town. But other news stories are reminding us of how fortunate we are, indeed. It could be much worse, we could still be without electricity too, or flooded out completely. More later.

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  1. Its amazing how much wee in the UK we take too much water for granted. Dear God, last summer and the one before was perpetal rain and it drve us nuts. We have such a topsy turvey weather system world wide now. Seems a stange age to be living in bt maybe it has always been like this, who knows. Hope you get a deluge soon! Mean while, a good wash down with lemon juice on a flannel is as good as a good shower!


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