Sep 25, 2009

A Camping We Will Go!

Day FIVE with no running water at Spit and Glue. This has me feeling very grumpy indeed, and smelling like a goat. The road is still out which makes for very quiet days and nights, but every time I hear a car go through I think the nightmare could be over soon.  The only vehicles we're seeing are construction crews who are working 24/7 on getting things back in order.  About an hour ago I glanced out the window and saw a guy turning the fire hydrant on accross the street.  I couldn't grab my bucket fast enough. Managed to get 3 buckets full, but let me tell you... water is heavy, and so is the atmosphere out there. Hot like hell, no breeze to be found and thick with humidity.  I could have gotten more but didn't have the strength to carry it.  This photo is of the property two doors down from us, obviously the location where things went very wrong last Sunday night. I need a drink and shower, clean sheets and a hot meal! 

On another topic, you can now get to Spit and Glue via my other blog If you go up there, look for the tab at the top entitled Ma Maison (French for my house) and it will bring you here. Clever, no?  I've been doing some final tweaking of the new design on S365, and think it's turned out to be so damn cute. Take a look if you are so inclind.  More later, promise.  Love you. K

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  1. Hi Keri...Thanks for the up date. Love to Sis and yourself. Jacque


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