Sep 14, 2009


Hello Spit and Glue... Have I been neglecting you? Yes, I know I have. But you have to understand a few things before you give up on me. For starters I have another blog and not unlike the situation here, I started to let other things interfere with the writing of it. It was simple dumb luck that pulled me out of the slump when an investor came forward and offered to sponsor an upgrade of the site. Not this site, but the other site at I was very excited about making the upgrade until I took a hard look at the pages content and realized that it needed an upgrade too (or at least an incline).  I needed to spend some quality time to figure out it's direction and of course a new overall look. That's why the pickens here on SAG have been slim lately! But I'm almost there and anticipating the new design to be done in the next week or so. I'll post a reminder here for the big reveal.

That's the fun reason I've not been here to gab with you. There's also the job front which has me on an emotional roller-coaster. Doubting my marketablity, asking myself the hard questions, looking dead-center into the prospect of having no prospects at my age, my skill-sets, enthusiasm........all the shit that comes along with living with ones decisions. Kind of shakes me to my quik!  I'll spare you the other emotional bagage that goes along with not having an income, why drone on about it?

Then we have the issue of motivation. Motivation to complete some important projects that need completing on the property. Energy to keep them going, to work through the heat, etc. Sometimes all those things arn't lined up right enough for it all to get done, know what I mean?  More later.

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