Sep 8, 2009

Catching Up!

Hello Friends, Followers, Anyone......
You may or may not have noticed, I've been away from Spit and Glue the blog for a few days. Nothing specific has kept me away, just a lack of literary genius, the long suffering job market and a brilliant capacity for procrastination. But I'm back today to fill you in on what gives at Spit and Glue.

I had to scrap my idea to use the old smoker as a compost vessel because it's not made of the right kind of metal. If one uses metal for composting, the metal has to be galvanized. Instead we carved out a spot on the ground using cinder blocks and it looks like it'll work beautifully. This was so simple, it took us all of 5 minutes and because Sis already had the bricks, it cost nothing. Isn't it lovely?

We sent 'OldBlue' to the repair shop and had the lawn professionally mowed on Sunday. Once again these guys did in two hours what usually takes Sis and I a minimum of four. We love it when the lawn is manicured, it makes life seem more orderly some how and it's much easier for me to walk home on, not to mention for the dogs to poop on. Roman and I just went outside to admire it and took this photo.    

We attended a wedding on Saturday evening. Our Neice was married in Las Vegas in a small ceremony with about 25 guests. The Pastor was articulate as he spoke about their promise to one other and how they shall now be one, etc., very touching, not a dry eye in the house. We didn't attend the reception because it was in Las Vegas. We attended the wedding via SKYPE!  A first for everyone involved including the Pastor. First time I've ever attended a wedding without wearing a bra. Ahh technology! Here's a photo of the happy couple, live on the computer screen. How cool is that?

We went multi-cultural this weekend and paid a visit to Atlanta's version of the Taj Mahal. A Hindu temple or "BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir"  The structure is fashioned like a giant jigsaw puzzle and no metal holding the building together. The 3 tiers are an homage to the body of God, with columns representing legs, windows as ears, and flags as hair. The red & white flags fly high to symbolize victory of good over evil.  Pink Indian sandstone, Italian marble, and Turkish limestone were used throughout including detailed figurines representing the 16 Hindu stages of human life, from birth to death. Something to ponder at the reflective pool.

From there we went to "China Town" for Vietnamese and a stroll through the Asian market feasting our eyes on things like Grass Jelly Drink, Milk Peanut Soup, Cumquat Lemon Juice, Dried Lily Bulb and Lotus Seed.  How about some Whitebait Wakame Soup for dinner? We could pair it with a nice Bumbu Sate and Needle Ku Ding Tea, no? LOL

Meanwhile, I'm still looking for a job and working on an upgrade form Not sure if it's the wisest thing to do with $140.00 but having invested so much time into it thus far, I have to try and make something worth while of it. Would love to hear from any of you in the way of a comment or two at the end of any post.  It's important to have feed back. It keeps one inspired to write more and adds infinite value to the page overall. Yeah, I'm begging.  See you, Friends.

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  1. This was a delightful post. So articulate! I love spit & glue, don't ever give up on it!


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