Aug 21, 2009


I'm here to tell you, the better part of this week has been a shit-sandwich! Job hunting at my age and in this town is proving to be some kind of sick joke. Have you ever filled out a job application on-line? There's nothing like it. No wait, there is something like it. Like having a gynecological or proctology exam only you get to keep your clothes on.

I've filled out quite a few recently and the average time for completion is about 50 minutes. Most maddening is that while they have you 45 minutes into the process you're then held captive for 20 pages of psychoanalytical questioning. Are you the life of the party? Are you ever depressed? Which of these statements best describes you, etc., etc!

How do all these mass murderers and perverts get jobs? They all seem to be working stiffs or hard at work (no puns intended) who obviously know something I don't. I have NEVER not been able to get a job! At this rate, how the hell am I supposed make a come-back when this Georgia stint is over? It's frightful and frustrating. I'm back to square one and stymied, face-to-face with how desperately I need a 'plan B' and to top it all off, I'm out of toothpaste!

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  1. While I can't offer you a job...I can offer you some toothpaste!


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