Aug 17, 2009

Trader Joe's!

I could have done a handstand I was so happy to finally make the 50 minute drive to the closest Trader Joe's store around these parts. I told you we were 'rural'.... If you've never been to a 'TJ's' and there's one in your area, you should go check it out. The food is what I would consider to be a cut-above in terms of quality. But the bigger draw is the prices. You can save a small fortune just on cheese and wine. One thing I've heard but have not confirmed is that everything in the store is kosher. Anyway, it was no major shopping spree, just a few favorites and a good excuse to try out the in-dash GPS system in Sis' new Nissan. We stopped for lunch and made it back to Spit and Glue before 2:00. Sis made this pizza on the gas BBQ using pizza dough from TJ's and a few toppings, it was delicious.


  1. They look delish! Were they personal pizzas? Seriously, I could eat all of it myself! How did you cook them on the grille? I've never done it but would love to! Please tell!

  2. Hello Doll. Just buy the ready-made dough, TJ's has all flavors, build the pizza, place it on the hot grill and close the lid. You can also put it on a pizza stone! Yummo


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