Aug 21, 2009


Finally! We set a tentative time-frame for the dreaded garage sale that absolutely must take place. Neither one of us are looking forward to spending a weekend or two, or three, unpacking all the junk, putting it out for the world to see and ..... you know the rest.
Our issue is volume, not only do we have box after box of Mother's remaining nik-nak and brick-a-brak, we also have the rusult of Sis' attempt to purge some excess. Over time and in anticipation of selling Spit and Glue she's managed to pack quite a bit away, much of it for the 'moving sale". Yes, I said selling Spit and Glue. But that's another post. October is our target date, before the 15th. I plan on suggesting a thorough bombing for spiders before we start, and if by that time I'm still not employed and weather cooperates, I can get a lot of prep-work done for the sale. Wish you could be here to help!

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  1. I actually like a garage sale! I must be the minority in that regard. I like to makathemoney!


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