Jul 23, 2009

The Short List!

It's likely Mr. R. didn't think he was working from the 'short list' last week when he took on several tasks that Sis or I had tried and failed to complete. Also likely that he went home wondering to himself "how have those two managed to survive for as long as they have?"and "Between the two of them, do they have a functioning brain cell?"
We laughed it off, but it was down right embarrassing to watch him fix the things that had stumped Sis and I for so many months. Hey, we may not be good mechanically and could be lacking in the patients department, but let's not forget we wield one hell of a paintbrush!
Here's the awful truth:
1. Reconnect the overhead lights in the shop. ('Someone' forgot to try the light switch)
2. Fix the motion light above the garage ('Someone' also forgot to try that light switch)
3. Fix front porch light at Mom's cottage (Remove 2 small screws from lantern & replace bulb)
4. Exterminate both houses and surrounding yard (Buy bug spray and follow directions)
5. Transplant rose bushes (Dig a hole, place bush in hole, cover and fertilize)
6. Fix the tire on the mower (He had a generator on board his SUV so that was fabulous)
7. Mow the lawn (Any time some one else wants to do it, go for it)
8. Fix the BBQ so it will light (You must turn on the gas)

It's the small things that you think will be simple and quick to fix that make you the most cranky when they 're not!

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