Jul 20, 2009

Family Visit!

On the heels of a fabulous mid-summer family visit I'm left feeling giddy cause Mrs. R. (of HoityToityBaby.com) makes me laugh, mixed with a little sad cause I hate to see them leave. The twins are thriving, unstoppable, engaged in everything, smart, curious, sweet, funny, darling, noisy, beautiful and healthy. No longer babies, that's for sure. Hardly toddlers - turning into "kids" right before our eyes.
They took a walk in the cool meadow of what will come to be sweet childhood memories, stopping at the cottage along the way to pay a visit and have an afternoon snack with Auntie (me). They chased their own shadows across the newly cut lawn, drank from the hose as the wind tossed the water into the air and giggled as they ran away from Mom and Dad who were sure to catch them.

It was fun and special and theres more good news. Mr. R. didn't mind helping Sis and I with a few Spit and Glue 'to-do' items from our short list. Photos and story to follow.

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