Jul 11, 2009

Running Bird!

Just need to get this out of the way. I placed this photo of a rotisserie chicken on the side-bar of this page for a while. A certain "somebody" found it perplexing, so to explain: The photo was taken right after we pulled the bird off the home-rotisserie, and to show you what my life has been reduced to, I found it soo damn funny, I must have laughed for an hour. It hurt!

My OCD will hardly let me touch a dead chicken, so the way in which I impaled it's little body onto the spicket was not done properly. Legs and wings flip-flopping to a golden brown mess. It came out looking like it had been cooked in mid-run! Have I lost all perspective? Is this a "you had to be there" story and I don't know it? To paraphrase Sis, 'this gettin old thing is not for sissies! Amen.


  1. I wish that I could have been there because I KNOWS THAT WAS FUNNY! HUNY!

  2. We must be related because I'm laughing and peeing now and I wasn't even there! I have got to remember to curtsy!


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