Jun 14, 2009

Four Decks Down, Two To Go

So I managed to get my back deck finished yesterday. Sis's still out of commission, so Roman helped while Dusty snuck off to dig for......I'm not sure what, maybe frogs. She came back looking like she'd been digging to China. Roman never met a hose she didn't want to tangle with so I let it slow-drip onto the lawn to keep her out of the way while I treated, then power-cleaned every rung of the white picket fence and decking. We use an environmentally friendly solution and spray the siding, fencing and deck, let it sit a while and then power-wash.

A big, dirty job but somebody had to do it, and when finished you can really see how much it was needed. Now the decks on Mom's Cottage are ready to be painted, leaving just two more on the main house remaining for the same treatment. Can I get a woot woot!!- Naturally, I'll keep you posted.

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