Jun 30, 2009

What Channel?

I loved reading in The Pioneer Woman's profile http://thepioneerwoman.com that she channels Ethel Merman and Lucy. It got me thinking about people I know and who they could be channelling in this life. I think "Sis" could very well be channelling Julia Child. She has a boat-load of recipes on her bookshelves and computer, in her desk and in her head. She loves to experiment in the kitchen, drink wine, cook, travel and she makes quite a mess in the kitchen. It's Julia all over again!

Ironically, there's a movie coming out on August 7th called Julie and Julia http://julieandjulia.com/ with Meryl Streep playing Julia Child. But get this, Amy Adams plays Julie Powell, A BLOGGER who spent a year cooking all 524 recipes in Child's classic Mastering the Art of French Cooking. This is a MUST see for me. What a dream, someone bought her blog! True story too.

My friend Peter may be channelling Howard Hughes. He's not as rich as Howard and has no problem with germs, but he rarely leaves his LA apartment and has vowed only to cut his hair twice a year. Peter could also be channelling Jack Benny. Not as funny as Jack and doesn't play the violin, but he lives for a good bargain!

I never considered that I could possibly be channelling anyone. How about you? Are you so like anyone on the other side that you feel you actually channel them?


  1. I love this entry! I can't wait to see the movie and think that you are on to something. I hope that you are just as sucessful as Julie & Julia!

  2. I saw the commercial for the movie. It opens August 4th or 7th. I wish we could go see it together! Love you and your blogs!


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