May 20, 2010


Here's a sweet shot of Ms. Roman. Sitting, pondering the miracles of spring as new blooms loom with plumbs and fresh weeds sprout their seeds bringing little flowers with each shower.

With particular interest in fast moving tree dwellers who'll have hell to pay when she catches up to them one day, she waits patiently watching for the slightest movement in yonder brush. Then there's me. Freakin out every time I turn around. Each day brings another gnarly, crawly, hair-raising creature from the black-lagoon. It's all I can do to hold the old digi-cam still enough to get these damn things on record because no one would ever believe the size and audacity of some of them. This wasp decided my door-jam was a good place to dwell.. OH HELL NO! I YELLED about the third time he LITERALLY DIVE BOMBED ME as I tried to leave the cottage.
Only God knows what this ugly thing is. I followed it along the ceiling in the living room and wondered how I would squash it, but before I could do anything, it slithered into a tiny hole in the sheet-rock! I know it comes out every night while I'm sleeping just to haunt my slumber! I swear, one minute there was nothing there, the next minute I screeched in terror when this guy showed up just outside the living room. Jeeezzzuus! Are you kidding me? This MONSTER has got to be 3 inches long! WHAT IS IT? WHAT THE F--- DOES IT LIVE ON? Even if I had the guts to kill it, what would I do with it? O M G !


  1. YIKES!!!! You may need to move to a nice big city where creatures are rarely seen or heard. Poor baby. I love you

  2. Love you blog I also am a city girl married a county boy and live in a smale town population 600 one stop sign and deer in the back yard and bugs for days. That may be a stink bug so do not kill it as they do stink. We have racoons like really bad around here. Last spring 57 were relocated my a neighbor living 1/2 block away.


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