Jan 6, 2010

Wet Gone Wild!

Who would have thought that a little freezing weather could wreak such havoc on two semi-innocent and unsuspecting old ladies? We thought we'd ride out Sis' frozen pipes and no running water with minor discomfort. After all, the spiket on the wall outside Moms cottage is protected. It won't be as bad as things were in October when that wasn't an option. Back then we had to buy water just to get a good flush. Not so fast there little ladies. That son-of-a ______ decided to freeze too, and then burst and explode into the wall of the shop soaking stack after stack of well packed boxes full of items NOT intended for the garage sale.
This is the result so far. We have yet to open any of the boxes to assess the damage. So stay tuned because on that day, a pitcher of martini's will no doubt be in the picture.

Who You Callin A Sissy?


  1. OMG! I am sooo sorry! Having just dealt with my Sister's house being flooded 3 feet deep throughout... yuck is about what I can come up with. Hang in there and yell if you need help:)

  2. I feel like I jinxed you guys! The day we left I asked her about her pipes freezing. I'm sorry!

  3. That is the absolute worst! What a complete mess! I'm sorry that happened.

  4. I've just been something like this except my darling husband left our hose hooked up and it froze and leaked water all over our "finished" basement! We've torn up carpet and recently replaced with tile. It's no fun! Water problems are the worst!


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