Jan 4, 2010


Hello Spit'nGlue!

Here we are, starting the new year off with an over-night freeze, and at least one of us waking up to the prospect of living temporarily without the luxury of running water (again). It would have been so much easier if the problem took place at Mom's cottage. Instead, Sis is the one with petrified pipes, and unless it corrects itself today, we got trouble with a capital T. She says the last time this happened, she went two weeks without water. Damn! I'm not kidding when I say this place ain't for sissies.

On the bright side, we had a splendid Holiday, and as of 11PM last night, our company and their precious cargo arrived home safely and in tact from their long journey North, West and East. As usual, we cooked, ate and stayed up late, getting our fill of each others company. Watching two 2.5 year olds tear through a mountain of gifts on Christmas morning is great entertainment. I must have taken 100 photos, and not one of them in focus. These kids just aren't capable of holding still for even a minute.

On a personal note, I'm ready to take on 2010, and with the advent of Spit'nGlue being officially off the market for a the time being, predict there will be far less blogging going on. My car should be paid off in April, by which time I should have my Georgia Real Estate license. Then I'll be in a position to fully execute my master plan.

And finally, for those of you who take the time to read this..... thank you very much for doing so. I really do appreciate it. Just a reminder though.... if you'd leave an occasional comment, I'd be so much more motivated to add to it more often. Until next time.


  1. I feel for you with the frozen pipes. It is hard to do without good 'ole water. My pipes froze in my poolhouse last year and I learned a good lesson. Leave the water dripping and we put a light up in the attic where the hot water heater is. You live in rural Georgia and I live outside of Covington. I guess we are kinda neighbors. Hope you get some water running. Love the pictures! Have a blessed day!

  2. Frozen pipes? I'm feeling your pain! And I'm missing you already! My promise to you in 2010 is to leave more comments....not that my comments are what you're lookin' for....but that's my promise to you!

  3. God Delaney looks so big in that last picture. They are growing up tooo fast!


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