Dec 14, 2009

A Black and White Christmas!

Have you ever seen a sweet mug like this up close? But for her breath, she's irresistible. We thru this simple ascot around her neck for the photo shoot. The funny thing was that Roman recognized the fabric as belonging to her and wasn't happy until she yanked it from Dusty's neck. Don't laugh at my new rain boots by "Fishin Chics". They're an early Christmas gift from who else. These things are built for real weather, and trust me when I tell you, I needed them. are famous for feminine fishing or "wet attire". They started making hot pink rubber boots for ladies from the Gulf who were coping with the aftermath of tornadoes and flooding. Not just built for the SMASHING fashion statement, these things are tough enough for real life, like walking Sis' property every morning. Not so much fun in Crocks! I love them and have hardly taken them off since they showed up on my doorstep a week or so ago.
And in keeping with the black and white, dotted theme, Roman's second rain coat is, as you can see a perfect match for those romps thru the high brush. A one of a kind blanket sweater for a one of a kind mutt! Pretty girl, no?
Dusty needed a slicker. She loves to go exploring in the rain, and when she does, she comes home looking like a forgotten junk yard dog. If she air drys, her fur ends up with big gnarly knots that are very hard to comb out. Her natural coat keeps her warm enough when it's cold, so her winter wardrobe can't be too heavy. Sis thru together this adorable rain slicker over the weekend. Can you stand it? No, we opted not to go with black and white this time. Dusty fits in no matter what she wears.


  1. Cutest puppies and their stylish attire:) I love your boots and the slicker to match for the puppy! I recently worked at my Sister's house after it was flooded and I also had rubber boots... not so cute like yours though! Enjoyed your comment on my blog, thanks for paying me a visit! Have a blessed day!

  2. Dusty & Roman are 2 stylish pups! And your boots.....devine! Just like you!



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