Oct 27, 2009

A Change in Stripes!

Handcrafted by none other than Sis, this number is a great look for any canine who doesn't wish to be mistaken for a deer. Amazing what a small change in colors can do for one's longevity, particularly during the fall hunting season. The smart bitch always opts for a well defined black & white stripe showing off good taste whilst baffling the average Joe hiding in wait for an unsuspecting White-Tail. She goes easily from day to evening, wind to rain in this versatile fabric named after the infamous sisters, Polly and Ester.

The turtle neck adds aditional drama to the piece, and the red blanket-stitch that brings it all together can only be termed as a touch of sheer genius. Note the understated glow-in-the-dark decorative safety strip atop the collar for easy identification at night. Not shown is the easy-on-easy-off velcro fastening strips along the stomach area, and easy access under-tail freedom for going number one or number two. This designer thought of everything. SMASHING!


  1. Simply sublime! I'd say the designer and the pooch are ready for NYC Fashion Week!

  2. Love the whole thing but that turtle neck? Just the business for this year's doggie 'must- have'. Brilliant!


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