Oct 16, 2009

Ahh The Irony! Part One...

Buried deep within my minds recesses are all the typical departments, compartments and entities that should be there. Not in any particular order, here are the first twelve:
CONSCIENCE: Conscience is probably located near the front of the brain, functioning as a guide, like the old adage "Let your conscience be your guide" warns. I don't cheat or tell very many lies, and I don't kick my dogs or prey on the elderly. I wonder if other inter meshing areas of the brain can benefit from a clear conscience, like

EGO: My ego has been through it all, completely inflated and crushed like road kill. At this point, it's buried in rubble, basically. I can recall having it checked at a very young age, and even throughout the years of my life up to now. Having your ego checked is a profound experience, you don't forget it, it shapes who you are and how you approach the world.

THE SUBCONSCIOUS: The subconscious mind seems unattainable, who knows where it's located, maybe all over every part of the brain. It's where the real power over your life lies. Unless you study it's powers, it will always elude you. It would be a great idea to teach young children how to tap the powers of the subconscious while their minds are open and unadulterated, but since so few of us have been taught about it, we don't emphasise it. Ahh the irony.

FEAR & LOATHING: Fear and loathing I'm familiar with. Having done more loathing than fearing, I can vouch that with loathing, things are hardly EVER as bad as you think they're going to be. The irony here is that while your in loathing, the part of your brain that holds this fact is temporarily out of service. It's partner, fear can be a real life saver, I think of fear as more of a defense mechanism against people without conscience or oncoming trains.

COMPASSION: I have compassion in abundance, and I think I'm grateful for that. Being honest, it was an acquired taste for me at first, but once my ego was in check and I removed my head from ummm, well, let's just say I have compassion now, and in places I never imagined. I like it and would like to keep it active and healthy.

PASSION: Yes, well passion is important isn't it? It's all the rage and is professed to be the only way one can attain life's true gifts. This is another area that can be rather elusive if you've not had some indoctrination to the idea, or unless you were born with a God given talent, like singing or painting. I've been scrambling to find my big life passion ever since I found out it was "the way". At this stage of the game, I'm afraid I may be out of what ever juice you need to grow passion. That sucks.

AMBITION: Interesting how all of these topics play off of one another, isn't it? Presently, my ambition is in question. I may have lost some perspective along the way on this. I do have ambition, but as we speak, it seems to be in a state of morph! I've had plenty of it through my life, but there is no question it's turning a big corner right now. I hold faith that when the dust settles, I will use it in full force, for good and not evil.

JEALOUSY, ENVY, ANGER & GUILT: I loath jealousy and anger. To my thinking they are both poison and should be completely eradicated from the brain. They just don't have a place the way guilt does. Guilt goes with conscience of course, but left on it's own to fester, guilt can take on the ugly qualities of jealousy and anger. I try to stay away from all guilt, jealousy and anger. I'm not always successful on anger, and envy, well I think envy an innocent enough emotion. Once again, it must be managed and must never be allowed to go out and play with EGO. EVER!

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