Aug 30, 2009

Mushroom Anyone?

First compost, now mushrooms.... jeeez, leave a girl alone out in the country and no telling what she'll find herself doing. Once again, you'll have to humor me and take a look at the mushrooms growing all over the yard right now. Like human beings, some of them are stunning to look at, some are averagely interesting, while others have been beaten by the ugly stick. Of course I know close to nothing about identifying a mushroom. Some are piousness, others of course can be eaten and some others are used like a street drug. Do you think potential employers are testing for mushroom these days? Hmmmmmm.......
Looking at their patterns and the way some of them look made me think of flowers of course, but also of crop circles. The design patterns are so intricate and interesting. They almost look like some mathematical equation. These remind me of the ones you see in cartoons or recreated at Disneyland. Isn't there a ride called the "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride". Some of these are technically toadstools while others are actually mushrooms. One must know what one is doing when identifying which are eatable, etc. I'll keep you posted if I'm still here tomorrow.

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  1. These are too cool! As a kid, I used to like kicking them out of the grass. Strange...I'm sure. But oh well!


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