Aug 26, 2009


So we've learned a little more and with a decent start on 'Project Compost' I had a brainstorm last night. Take the old smoker from our collection of things to donate to Goodwill and make it into a composting vessel. On looking it over a few minutes ago, I think it could work. Since the materials need oxygen to decompose, I'll take a hammer and nail (or drill), punch air holes into the smoker canister at about 4 to 6 inch intervals until I've covered the surface of the can. Since the canister is made of metal, I'll spray paint it to stop further rusting.

This could be a chink in the armor, have to find out if using that particular metal will work.. If not, we can use a 55 gallon trash can, plastic or galvanized metal and do the same thing. BUT!!!! As you all know, we shall first give it the college try with our favorite and most economical of materials like good old fashioned Spit and Glue. Have you ever?

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  1. You are so smart! I bet it would work! YOu may just need to clean it out a bit more! You rock!


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