Jul 24, 2009


OMG!!! Talk about timing! No sooner do I post a whine about the condition of my camera do I look up to see the family of Deer I keep talking about. This time I held my cool, put the dogs in another room, grabbed my camera and quietly stepped onto the porch. Only to have the FLIPPIN, FRIKIN zoom feature decide not to work. So these are the only shots I was able get before they saw me and ran off into the woods. Aren't they FABULOUS?
It's a bit of a shock to find yourself in the midst of their environment. For some reason every time I've seen them I start to shake with excitement! They're so beautiful! Gotta get a new camera!


  1. That's fantastic! They are beautiful! You are so lucky to witness such a sight! They look like they may be eating apples.

  2. You're right HTB, they're eating apples. Thanks for comments. K


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