Jul 8, 2009

Spaghetti with Relish!

Here's another Bug, who likes Spaghetti a little. She'll be here in about 10 days with her twin Brother, the Monkey. When I look at the great time she's having with that bowl of 'sketts' it makes me wish I had some, or better I should enjoy something, anything with such relish and abandon. See more of her and her Brother at http://www.hoitytoitybaby.com/. And more still in the movie Marley and Me. The twins played one child and got plenty of screen time toward the end of the film, so look for them next time you watch.
That Spaghetti looks a lot like the Spaghetti my Mother used to make. I honestly don't think she put anything but tomato paste in it, a little ground-round maybe but it was very, very unexciting. I Loved my Mother more than I'm capable of expressing, but frankly, she wasn't a very good cook. Sorry Ma...

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  1. She eats with such abandon...She's a Kirkpatrick alright! :) I love all 30 pounds of her!


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