Jul 27, 2009

Farmer's Market - Dekalb!

Our busy weekend included a trip to Dekalb Farmers Market. Evidently a mighty popular place on Saturday mornings.At just about every concession and down each isle crowds of people stood 2 and 3 deep trying to get to the food. Aproned employees rushed to restock shelves and produce stands keeping up with the eagar pace and hoards of shoppers. Add to that a few hundred pretty good sized shopping carts and one can see why it's difficult to walk through the place, much less have a leisurely shopping experience.
Unfortunately, they have a rule against photography inside the Market. That says fierce competition to me, so I'm looking forward to exploring other similar Markets soon. Dekalb is big, their prices are okay (not stellar), but frankly we were disappointed to find very little locally grown produce and not such hot deals on wine!
You didn't think a little sign like that would stop me did you? Admittedly not the best photos but I did my duty risking embarrassment, maybe even harassment, and got a few shots in spite of the rule. I'm secretly hoping someone sees these and reports me. It'll mean someones actually reading this stuff, or at least visiting the page!
What did we buy? Whole red lentils, Black Beluga Lentils, Jasmine Rice, Long Beans, Guatamalan Parcley, Pate, Cheese, Wine, BREAD and I forget what else. We tried the parcley last night on a new sandwich creation of Sis'. It was fabulous! Wait till I show you the photos in a later post!

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  1. The prices seem to be what you would find in your local grocery store. That's not such a hot deal! I pay the same for green, red, orange and yellow peppers at Publix. And I agree that it is a shame that there aren't more local growers.


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