Jul 13, 2009

Dry Wall Blues!

By now you may have guessed that Mom's cottage was built long after the main house (Sis' house) was, about 125 years ago. The cottage on the other hand is only about 10 years old. When Mom caught her low-life husband of 38 years cheating with the toothless, down-trodden housekeeper, she "optioned out" and brought her proceeds here to Sis' place in GA.

Mom was a sweet natured and demure Austrian beauty. She was never demanding or confrontational, not even with us kids (me, Sis & other Sis). You could describe her as shy and unassuming, and just about everyone who ever met my Mother, all throughout my life, loved her and regarded her very highly.

On the other hand, Mommy was stubborn like stucco, so when it came time to find a builder for her little investment, she listened to no one in her own camp and hired a team of guys to do the job based on the fact that they were NICE. OY!

To make a very long story short, after completion and over time, the place has a few 'idiosyncrasies'. Example, because no one bothered to tape off the sheet-rock walls you can now see them separating from each other and the ceiling. They neglected to finish securing the counter top to the kitchen cabinet, and Oh... I could go on, but why. Sis and I have talked it over pretty thoroughly. We're painfully aware of it all, but like everything else, you start to fix one item and it creates another job which creates another, etc. So after I got here last January, we decided to do the minimum for now. Clean and paint and decide what to tackle as we go ... with our own Spit and Glue!


  1. I'd like to know more about the low-life husband and the toothless down-trodden, never mind the sheet-rock!

  2. Interesting factoid.....I have seen this picture of this beautiful woman before. I never noticed until just today how much you look like her in this picture. You have the same smile! Lucky girl!


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