Aug 23, 2010


Yes, It's a turtle! Specifically, a "Box Turtle" or Terrapena. Dusty found him in the yard yesterday morning which drew me to the conclusion that now I may have seen all there is to see at Spit and Glue. This had me shaking my head in amazement for several hours.

Not very social or friendly, this guy tucked in both legs and his head when I picked him up to get a look at the underside of his shell. I got a few shots of him and went back into the house for a few minutes. When I came back out he was l o n g gone. Which tells me he was in a hurry to get where ever he was going.
Apparently the Box Turtle is pretty common around these parts, and I've been reading that they're almost extinct because they keep getting run over by cars. So sad, and it begs the question, why did the turtle cross the road?